Grayson Boucher better known as ‘The Professor’ was born and raised in the small town of Keizer, Oregon. His father Steve introduced him to basketball at 3 years old and his passion for the game wore off on him shortly after. Having grew up in a house that lived and breathed basketball,Grayson had become quite skilled by Highschool, regularly practicing from 4-8 hours a day. Known everywhere he went locally as ‘The small white kid with handles.’ Post senior year of Highschool, because of him being undersized and graduating from a small school(Salem Academy Christian), he did not receive any college offers as he had long hoped for. Although not ideal, Grayson walked on as the last man on the team at the local junior college college(Chemeketa Community College) and made massive strides of improvement in his game. In the summer of 2003, after his freshman year in college, he tried out for the world renowned And 1 Mixtape Tour that traveled the world playing exhibition games in packed out arenas. In a ‘made for TV’ reality series Grayson was then tagged ‘The Professor’ for schooling people on the court as the underdog. He had made a household name for himself in the sport that he grew up dedicating his life to over the course of one summer, becoming known globally namely for his impressive ball handling ability. After being featured on ‘ESPN streetball’ for his first 7 seasons as a professional, The Professor has been able to parlay a 13 year professional playing career into one quite unique. Still taking to courts worldwide, he regularly continues to impress with his ball handling abilities as the seemingly underdog wherever he’s at and continues to wow crowds as he comes out on top in David vs Goliath type match ups. Today he’s played in over 40 countries worldwide, has an impressive 200+ million views on YouTube, and over 1 million followers on every popular social media platform. He can be found doing anything from playing an exhibition game or running bball clinics for youth players around the world to acting in a web series on YouTube or even on the big screen. He makes it a personal goal to use his platform that he believes was God given to inspire the youth globally.