Grayson "The Professor" Boucher was born and raised in Keizer, Oregon. His dad introduced him to the game of basketball at 2 years old and he quickly found his passion for the game in 4th grade. 

Growing up, he practiced basketball an absurd amount of hours per day and garnered local attention with his game and dribbling skills. He honed his craft where he was able to turn pro at 18, landing a spot on the globally famed And 1 Mixtape Tour in 2003. Streetball: The And 1 Mixtape Tour had an ESPN reality television series documenting the team's tours year round, which aired for 7 seasons. After And 1, The Professor continued to tour the world wowing crowds with his ball handling skills and posting his highlight driven content on his YouTube channel, ProfessorLive, which he started in 2009. 

Following his viral video Spiderman Basketball Episode 1 in 2013, his channel reached over 100 million views. The Professor continues to travel the world and expand his brand on social media. He has garnered 2mm+ followers on every social platform (YouTubeInstagram and Facebook) and the Spiderman Basketball web series has become the number 1 most viewed web series on all of YouTube.